Late September peppers


Growing peppers on an 8th-floor balcony in Queens isn’t the simplest gardening experience I’ve had, but it has been both challenging and rewarding every summer.  In years past I’ve grown jalapenos, pepperoncinis, and Thai bird’s eye chilies, but this summer called for something different.

This morning’s small harvest represents the end of our late summer peppers.  We focused this summer’s energy on cayenne peppers, drying them by hanging them on lines in a south-facing window in a warm, dry room.  These beauties will be hung for drying tonight.  The dried peppers will go into a crushed pepper blend, and the blend will go into our next meaty adventure.

The cherry bomb peppers were a new adventure for us.   The first batch was hollowed out and pickled in a sweet vinegar brine.  The plan is to stuff them with mascarpone, drizzle with olive oil, and serve as an amuse-bouche.  These last few cherry bombs are going to be stuffed and pickled for a small treat in winter.

For ideas and information on all things pepper-related, check out, a fantastic site created by a pepper lover to educate and inspire heat seekers everywhere.


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