Spicy Wings Are Beautiful Things


New York City has a stunning sunset.  We love being on the Queens side of the East River because we get the gift of watching the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline.  There aren’t too many things that can improve on an NYC sunset–but perfect chicken wings in the foreground definitely make the list (priorities!).


We picked up two dozen wings from International Meats and let them spend several hours in a bath of melted butter and Scott’s Barbecue Sauce, a seriously spicy North Carolina treat.  When we couldn’t wait any longer, we threw them on the grill and basted with gusto using Culley’s mild wing sauce no. 2.  I know…mild?  Yes, mild.  The Scott’s gives the meat such a serious kick of spice that a more moderate wing sauce works just fine.  If you’re into setting your taste buds on fire, you can always opt for the hot version, no. 6.

We made light work of the wing sauce (note the completely empty bottle), with some carrots, celery, and bleu cheese on the side.  Long live sunsets, wings, and the makers of amazing spicy sauces!


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