BBQ and the NYPL


We’re librarians by day.  True story.  And just to dispel a few quick misconceptions, there’s nothing meek, mild, or bookish about us.  We are meat-eating, beer and bourbon-drinking, loud-laughing librarians.  We’re the kind of librarians who want people to come into the library, bring their intellectual curiosity, make some noise, find something amazing, and go away happy.

While we don’t work at the New York Public Library, we feel like we’re some of the luckiest people in the world to have access to their amazing collections.  We’ve been known to leave our own professional libraries and rush to the NYPL before a long weekend to stock up on great reading.  These days, my version of great reading means cookbooks–and lots of them!  I’ve been to many libraries in my life, and none has had a better collection of cookbooks than the NYPL.

This past weekend’s haul was all about barbecue.  These are just a few of the titles we tucked into while we enjoyed the sunshine and fired up the grill.  We were particularly delighted with the Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook – but someone had the bad taste to rip out 6 pages of sauce recipes.  May their brisket be dry and their sauce be sub-par!  For everyone else, happy cookbook reading!


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